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Allow student entrepreneur with short attendance to appear for exams

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According to the latest announcement from the AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) had informed the Indian Engineering colleges to allow the entire entrepreneurs from their respective colleges to appear for semester exams even if they have short attendance. Besides allowing them to attend the semester exams, the AICTE council had advised the engineering colleges to discover numerous residential program options for those students.

In such cases, the students need to stay on campus for continues their respective engineering studies and even continue with their work on start-ups. Even the Engineering colleges are also advised to discover various options for allowing the student entrepreneurs to take semester breaks so that they can utilize the time to work on start-ups.

Important Reason for this Initiative

The reason for this initiative is to encourage meritorious students to undergo innovation and research for turning into entrepreneurs. This can motivate within them and build a knowledgeable culture to groom them as job givers instead of a job seeker. The expansion of the higher-level initiative, the AICTE council will also govern the educational institution to form a new set of a review committee that assists to re-evaluate the startup and results by the students.

Depending upon the candidate’s progress, they can be recognized by providing appropriate academics credits. With regard to the proposal discussion, the institutions need to discover various accommodation provisions for their student entrepreneurs to stay within the campus at least for some period. It also assists the institutions to toughen their innovation funnel and also access the financial opportunities for most potential student entrepreneurs.


AICTE – Key Recommendations

AICTE Council had issued some directive to entire Engineering colleges with some highlighted key recommendations through which entrepreneurship and innovation can be developed with the engineering college’s campus. Those directives are as follows:

Industry Interface – Engineering colleges are requested to utilize the industry-interface program to connect the budding entrepreneurs along with its associated wider entrepreneurial ecosystem. The directive will recommend the college to connect the respective student entrepreneurs with its associated real-life entrepreneurs. It will assist them to understand the various challenges they experience during the development of different phases for multiple start-up businesses.

Financial Access – To empower the institution’s innovation funnel, the entire engineering colleges need to provide or grant financial access for their student entrepreneurs with their innovation culture support and start-ups on campus.

On-campus Accommodation – The engineering colleges are requested to provide on-campus accommodation for their student entrepreneurs to spend more time on their start-up ideas and as well as innovations during their study time.

Academic Credits – The student entrepreneurs, who are currently working on their start-ups and innovations during their engineering courses, can also avail of various additional academic provisions provided by the AICTE directive. The review committee has to monitor the academic credits that are awarded to those students. This can be easily evaluated with the student entrepreneur’s progress that was established during the start-ups.

Semester Break – Student entrepreneurs are always allowed to avail a year-long break or even semester breaks to plan & work on their respective innovations and start-ups. The review committee formed within the institution will make the final decision by examining the proposals that are submitted by the appropriate student entrepreneurs.

Short Attendance – The engineering student, who is working on their own start-ups are allowed to attend the annual & semester exams conducted by the college with appropriate permission provided by the institution.

Innovation & Research – Promoting Decision

As per the directive, the respective decision taken by the education regulator of AICTE HRD Ministry’s Technical team has to promote the innovation & research for those engineering students, who are studying B.E & B.Tech programs at different colleges across the country. This decision will automatically inspire the students to proceed with their entrepreneurship and also launch their creative & innovative start-ups to change their life from job seekers into job providers.

This decision can help to transform the start-up business and easily get rid of our country’s unemployment. Most of the student’s entrepreneurs will plan and decide according to start-up their own innovation business to overcome various issues. In turn, it can help others to motivate their minds and come forward to create innovative start-ups. It is also advisable to seek some assistance from the experts before creating your start-ups.

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